Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is Me :$ Sóónia !

Hello, My name is SONIA. I'm 14 years old. I live in Fuenlabrada. I like meet my friends, shopping, dancing, surfing in the internet and watching TV. I haven't got boyfriend. My best friends are Sara, Angela, Mai , Sandra and Noelia( L ) I have got dark, long and wavy hair. I have got green eyes. I am short and thin. I am pacient, cheerful, kind and friendly. Good Bye :) Kiss ( k )

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi,I´m Wencelao.I live in fuenlabrada.I´m fourteen years old.I have got one brother,her name is Jon.

I have got dark hair.I like red,blue and black clothes and I have got black glasses.I like hard rock music and my favourite group is AC/DC.Is the best group in the world.My favourite records of AC/DC are Let there be rock,Back in black,Highway to hell,High voltage,The razors edge,Flick of the switch and Black ice.I learn play the guitar.

My favourites guitar players are Angus Young(the guitar player of AC/DC),Mark Knopfler,Eric Clapton and Gary Moore.

I like football,tennis,basketball and swim.


My name is David I´m 14 years old. I live in spain (fuenlabrada). I have short hear, my colour hear is black a like football and play guitar, my hoby is play guitar


My name is David I´m 14 years old I live in Spain (fuenlabrada


I am a nice person and sometimes shy. I hang out with my friends I go shopping.'m a pretty girl with straight brown hair, blue eyes. my favorite singer is David Bisbal. My favorite activity is singing and dancing


My name is Ángel. I´m fourteen years old.


My name is Jessica. I live in Fuenlabrada.I have fourteen years old. I live with my parents and my two sisters.I have a cat.I am very happy and tidy but always I get ungry. I like going to the cinema , listening to music and watching TV. It doesn´t like to clean my room. My favorite series is Anatomia de Grey.


My name is Andrea! I live in Fuenlabrada.I am fourteen years old. I live whith my parents and my sister. I am very happy, tidy and friendly. I like wacht TV , meet my friend and go to the cinema.My favourite sport is gymnastic =)


hi my name is seebass
i'm fifteen.....i live in fuenlabrada
i like reggaeton,,R&B and hip hop music
i'm cheerful,seriuos and unkidn
i like hamburguer umm deliciuos,,,
i like sports i like playig football wicht my friends
every friday... yes or no maiicol..?
often i surf the internet and call my friens,,
i speak wicht their every day in all moment

i always goto school wicth bryan
and always we come a just time

like me YASMINA

I am a nice person and sometimes shy. I also love sports and hanging out with my friends.'m a pretty girl with wavy brown hair, brown eyes. my favorite music is the song of crazy but also listen to pop. my favorite activity is dance

Mi presentación.

Hi!!! I´m Amanda I´m fourteen years old. I like go shoppin, play the flute and I´m learning play the guitar and my favorite sport is gimsnastic, I also like play football. My favorite music is the pop and I like very much meet my friends.
I like very much the pets, I have a dog, called Patón, I also have a hamster, called Peluso, andI have a fish, called Strong.
Sometimes the sanday I go to visit my parents and the saturday I also go to walk on the mountain.