Friday, May 14, 2010

My favourite book:Las primeras veces

this book tells the history of jordi Molla when he was young.
his first girlfriend, the holiays his friend, the first kiss and the first dislike.
since sping until winter this book tells all of this child

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My favourite music group

My group is the one I love Crush 40! I say here it is:

Crush 40 is a Hard-Rock band, rather better know as the Sons Of Angels , was created to make soundtracks for the Sega Games ,and how I might like this, is that I like Alternative Rock!!!

Began in 1998 shortly after the creation the creation of the mascot whit his first song Sega is "Open Yourt Heart" gradually became more real good tracks as they were both in their genres are Rock or Nu metal, but it variants such as alternative ,industrial and symphonic (His World Symphonic is Proof).It's formed by singer named Jhonny Gioeli , a guitarist Jun Senoue, bassist Takeshi Toru and Drummer Toru Kawamura.They took several discs and songs playing as Super Sonic Songs was the band's third album released in 2009,one year ago nothing more, which included a compilation of Crush 40 tracks in Sonic The Hedgehog video game in 2003 , and included about two new "Open Yourt Heart" And "Knight Of The Wind".

One of his best songs were "His World","With Me","Un-Gravitify"... and many more.

This kind of music I love because it si Rock and Alternative , and its themes are speed, racing,versus, cars.....etc .But it has its merit above all to singer and guitarist(In my opinion xD) I love her Subjects!!!!xD.
And here I leave with some songs ,sorry do not let me upload videos, I leave the link you listen you enter! And are one the best are include all!!! xD

Monday, May 3, 2010

My favourite singer

My favourite singer is Eminem. He was born on october 17,1972 , he became popular in 1999 when he won a gramy award with you album The Slim Shady LP.He was much popularity in the next years with their albumsThe Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show.In 2002 Eminem won a Oscar for the song Lose Yourself, after he was a toured in 2005 and in 2009 he was published relased.

My description

Hi mi name is Sergio Barón Sanz.I'm thirteen years old.I like play football,play ping-pong,play computer and play football whit my friends. I hate play basketball. My favourite subjet is P.E. and english. My best friends is Alvaro,Paolo,Adri,Sergio,and Juan Carlos.My favourite football team is Real Madrid and my favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo,Kaka and Casillas.My sisters name is Marta and Noelia my father name is Jose Alberto,my mother name is Maria Araceli .I'm short hair,i'm wearing sweater write and brown jeans.