Sunday, November 28, 2010

Road Accident

The accident began at half past one, the day twenty-three th of October of 2009.The accident happened in the Glade Street Bourne when the driver of the car, Rowan Monray, went to the supermarket.He was going calmly to the supermarket when one truck appeared suddenly in the road and Rowan maneuvered quickly to one road in works.He could dodge the truck but he put his car inside the hole.The people and the police were worried about the accident with the hole but Rowan was to explain everything, the people and the police understood all.The police helped taking the car with the tow truck and they asked the driver of truck what had happened.The driver, Michael Sabers, said that the road was the double way and that he had other accidents similars.The police understood the situation and they went back to the police station and Rowan went in the end to the supermarket.


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