Saturday, March 12, 2011


The group was formed in 1978 under the name Green Hat, which soon changed its Spanish translation, Sombrero Verde. Recorded two albums with an underperforming label, titled Sombrero Verde and A Ritmo De Rock, both in 1981

The original members were José Fernando (Fher) Olvera (composer, guitar and vocals), Gustavo Orozco (guitar and vocals), Adalgusto Vinoclio (guitar), Juan Calleros (bass), Ulises Calleros (guitar) and Abraham (drums). Gustavo Orozco, Adalgusto Vinoclio and Abraham were leaved the groupe and Alejandro (Alex) González (bass) was integrated, who brought a fresh sound. Many of his songs were written by Fher and Gustavo

In 1987 they released their first album, titled 'Maná', with modest results, and in 1989 the second, 'Falta amor. "Maná play both rock and latin pop.Some of their best-known songs are Cuando los ángeles lloran and Sueños líquidos. The band has won a lot of prizes for their music and videos. In 2000 were winners of the three latin Grammys

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