Monday, March 18, 2013

Questionaire: Saint Patrick's Day and Ireland
1. Where is Ireland?
2. Number and names of the provinces
3. Number of the counties
4.What are the colours in the Irish flag?
5.What is the Irish symbol for good luck?
6. What is the capital of Ireland?
7.Where was St. Patrick born?
8. What isa the typical colour in this day?
9.Ireland is also called:
a. The Diamaond Isle
b. The Emeral Isle
c. The Ruby Isle
10. The story of Saint Patrick's Day goes back a. to the 3rd century b. to the 4th century c. to the 5th century
11. His mission was to help
a. British people
b. French people
c. Irish people
12.He became a a. a druid b. a teacheer c. a priest
13. St Patrick is said to have eliminated what frrom Ireland: a. snails b. flies c. snakes
14. St. Patrick's Day is March 17th because:
a. it's the day he was born
b. the day he escaped
c. the day he died.

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