Thursday, December 17, 2009

AC/DC,the best group in the world

In 1973 , two brothers , Angus Young and Malcom Young , started one of the best group of hard rock in the world.

The first single of A
AC/DC was Can I sit next to you girl with Dave Evans at the vocals , Larry Van Kr
iedt at the bass and Colin Burgess at the drums.

In September 1974 , Dave Evans was replaced for Bon Scott.
In 1975 they recorded their second record,High voltage.In 1976 they recorded other record,dirty deeds done dirt cheap with Bon Scott at the vocals,Mark Evans at the bass,Phil Rudd at the drums and Angus and Malcom Young at the guitars.
In 1976 they recorded their second single,it's long way to the top(if you wanna Rock 'n' Roll).
In 1979 Bon Scott recorded his last album,highway to hell and in 1980 Bon scott died.
Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott and recorded his first record,and the best of AC/DC,Back in blac,in memory of Bon Scott.
In November of 1983 recorded the second record with Brian Johnson,For those about to rock:We salute you.
In 1983 the drummer Phil Rudd was replaced for Simon Wright and recorded Flick of the Switch
In 1990 recorded The Razors Edge.
In 2000 recorded Stiff upper lip and in 2008 rcorded their last record,Black Ice.

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