Monday, January 3, 2011

Disabled athletes

Andrés Boira

At 18, Andrés Boira has proven to be a born athlete. He began his forey into sports in the world of athletics, cycling and tested and with 12 years being discovered sport start in his life: skying.
'' I love the snow, you´re in touch with nature and the sensation of feeling the wind in your face,frankly, i like a lot, he exclaims.
Andrés says he is ready, but not with the nerves, ''because until you´re here you don`t believe.''. Although it is really difficult, daily workouts three or four hours to help you forget about the great sports event.
Despite his youth and his nerves could be mistaken for a rookie, already a veteran in the field of competition. Andrés has been competing in the World Championships (2003-2004) and the European Cup in the last three years, improving its results as he won experience.
The sport has been a catalyst in the life of a young skier, who after enduring humiliation at school for being vissually impaired and spend much time at home for lack of friends, found in skiing a great way to interact and make the best of itself. ''I´d advise everyone, sports can help a lot, especially if you are disabled and young'', he explains without a trace of bitterness after the experiences have suffered.
Now their main concerns is to do well in Turin. To meet this objective has the unconditional support of Beatriz Arcederillo: his guide. Andrés Boira has nothing but praise for his fellow-sufferers: ''we got along fine, we talked a lot and i trust her, that`s what it´s to keep improving''.
From March 10 the goal is ''to do my best and won experience for the Vancouver Games'' in 2010.

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