Friday, January 28, 2011

Our mutual friend

Our Mutual Friend (written in the years 1864–65) is the last novel completed by Charles Dickens and is one of his most sophisticated works.

The plot is: John Harmon, son of a wealthy dust contractor and heir to his father's fortune if he agrees to marry Bella Wilfer, is away from England when his father dies. On the way home he is supposed drowned in a case of mistaken identity. With his supposed death the dust fortune goes to Boffin, his father's former servant. John gets himself hired into the Boffin home as secretary John Rokesmith. Here he meets Bella and, with the help of the kindly Boffins, wins her love as Rokesmith, and marries her. He later reveals his true identity and regains his fortune.

The principal characters in Our mutual friend are: John Harmon, Bella Wilfer, Nicodemus (Noddy) Boffin, Mrs. Henrietta Boffin, Lizzie Hexam, Charley Hexam, Mortimer Lightwood, Eugene Wrayburn, Jenny Wren, Mr Riah, Bradley Headstone, Silas Wegg, Mr Venus, Mr. John Podsnap, Mrs Podsnap, Georgiana Podsnap, Mr Inspector, Mr Fledgeby and Roger "Rogue" Riderhood.

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