Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jiří Ježek

Jiří Ježek is one of the most successful disabled riders, a specialist in road events and track events. Participated in the Sydney 2000 Paralympics Games, in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008; which always brought the gold medal. This multiple winner Paralympic and world champion is capable of giving problemsto healthy runners.


He lost a leg below the knee at age eleven in a car accident. At twenty opted for cycling, first in their free time later this sport influenced his life. After 5 years of hard training came in the top category among the disabled, when in 2000 he won two gold medals at the Paralympics Games in Sydney.

Continued training and tried to climb the professional level, which ultimately allowed their sponsors in 2004, when he left his job forever and prosthetic started in the business of cycling. In the same year won the prestigious competition en route to the Paralympics in Athens. Gains each year since the titles of champion and defeats his rivals in the competition field. Paralympics Games in Beijing in 2008 brought two gold medals, the persecution of 4 km and the trial singles.

In addition to the Paralympics cycling competes successfully with professionals "healthy” throughout the world. So not only represents himself and the Czech Republic, but especially to all disabled people alike.

Jiří Ježek each year runs between 27 and 30 thousand miles and is involved in between 55 and 57 competitions worldwide.

In 2008 he published his autobiography under the title ‘’Fraja”

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