Saturday, January 1, 2011

Disabled people: Steve Cook

Steve Cook, a BK amputee, is a four-time Paralympian, and won three medals at the 2006 Winter Games in Torinoo including, a gold in men´s 5km freestyle; gold in men´s 10k classic; and bronze in men´s 20km classic. He began cross-country skiing in 1995, and has an impressive list of accomplishments including: 2005 International Paralympic Committe (IPC) Nordic Skiing World Champion (10k and 20k); 2005 World Cup Champion in cross-country; 2002 Paralympic Winter Games four-time silver medalist; and 2003 IPC Nordic Skiing World Championship bronze medalist. He also is an avid cyclist, and joined fellow Paralympic teammates in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, beating the entire field of able-bodied relay teams. When he is not skiing,biking, or fishing, Steve manages the service department of Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City.

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