Monday, April 26, 2010


my favorite book is " los leones de alrrasan".
This is a Muslim girl in the middle age era. ba book about wars between the Spanish and Muslims. the girl falls in love with a soldier, four nights and five days making love. in a war like the girl attends a medical Prince contrario.en a chapter side the girl is forced to be naked while the attackers try to remove it all and kill a defenseless child. yama her the guards and arrest the assailants.

Al-Rassan, home to three different cultures, is a land with a violent history and a seductive beauty. Jadditas peace between the Asharite and Kindath is something fleeting and elusive. In a situation that puts this country on the brink of war, are intertwined lives of three extraordinary people: Ammar ibn Khaira, poet, diplomat and soldier, Rodrigo Belmonte, accomplished military leader, and Jehane bet Isaac, a brilliant doctor.

Ominously reminiscent of a medieval Spain, The Lions of Al-Rass is an exciting and deeply commemorative vedora love story of divided loyalties and what happens to men and women when conflicting beliefs conspire to change or destroy , a world.

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