Saturday, April 24, 2010

My favourite book is the twilight of Stephenie Meyer book I like very much.

The book is about a girl who moves to fork is a cold city to live with fer fhater that her parents

are divorced,when it comes to the city aims to institute and there meets a boy named Edward
is at first quiet and not talk to she.Bella begins to fall in love with Edward and they go out for
walks and Edward saves her from many accidents and ends up being the official partner and come togheter at the end of yeardance.
Apart from dusk there are three more books that are new moon,eclipse and sunrise.
There are also movies of books but for now I have only seen twilight and moon new.Es a beautiful story and are beautiful books and movie.
Stephanie Meyer she was born in Hartford on December 24, 1793.

His first book came out in 2005 twilight, new moon came out in 2006,eclipse was released in 2007 and Dawn in 2008.

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