Thursday, April 22, 2010

My favourite book

My favourite book is Angels and Demons. It was writed by Dan Brown. The book have 571 pages. The book is about Robert Langdon, an expert is religious symbology. When he was in Harvard, a scientific call him because someone has killed her father. When he arrived and knew the scientific, called Vittoria, she showed him the cause that someone has killed her father. She has discovered a new very explosive substance called antimatter. But in the body of Vittoria´s father there is the symbol of the Iluminati, an old scientific community, he had stolen the antimatter. In those days was the election of a new Pope, in replacement of the Pope just die. The Iluminati would destroy the Vatican with the antimatter and also had abducted the four favourite cardinals for be Pope. Each time, the Iluminati kill a cardinal and they had hidden the antimatter in the Vatican. The first cardinal was killed in the church of santa María del Popolo. The second cardinal was killed in the Plaza de San Pedro. The third cardinal was killed in the church of Santa María della Vittoria and the Iluminati kidnapped Vittoria. The fourth cardinal was killed in the Plaza Navona. At that time Robert decided to find the lair of the Iluminati and safe to Vittoria. After reviewing the tracks, he discovered that the lair was the Castle Sant'Angelo. There, Langdon rescued Vittoria and defeated the Iluminati. But they still needed to find the antimatter. Shortly before the antimatter burst, they found it. It was in the tomb of San Pedro. The assistant to the Pope took the antimatter and boarded a helicopter with Robert Langdon. The helicopter went up and went up until the antimatter exploded. But the assistant to the Pope had saved launching parachute and Robert Langdon too, becausehe had fallen into the river Tíber. When he returned to the Vatican he explained that the assistant to the Pope had placed the antimatter in the Vatican and he had killed the old Pope to prevent the science to join the Church. A cardinal explained to the assistant to the Pope that the Pope was his father. That is why the assistant to the Pope went to a balcony and set on fire. That night was elected a new Pope and the Church was saved from destruction.


  1. have you seen the film??? did you prefer it to the book???

  2. I don't like Dan Brown. I read the D'avinci Code and I didn't like it at all, it's just a best seller, but bad literary quality...