Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My profile :D

My life...
I´m Lydia and I´m fourteen years old. I live in Fuenlabrada with my parents and my little brother.
I go to Dolores Ibárruri school.
I´m not quiet, unfriendly and serius but I´m cheerful, confident and friendly.I have got long, wavy and dark hair and I usually wear jeans or trausers, T-shirts, trainers and boots.
I like listening to music, dancing, watching TV, surfing the net and reading, my favourites books are "The saga Twilight".
I don´t like so much play volleyball.
My favourite colours are purple and blue and my favourites animals are dogs and cats. I also like going to the cinema.

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  1. Hello, Lydia, great profile. I also like the "Twilight" books and listening to music. Which is your favourite band or singer? I used to work as a teacher at your secondary school and I have the happiest memories abou that time. Could you say hello to Paqui, your great teacher? I hope you visit our class blog: and leave your comment there. Greetings!