Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favourite book: The passion of Erzsebet.

My favourite book is The passion of Erzsebet.
His writter is Joel Alexandre.


Amat, a handsome adolecent is a lonely guy. One day a new teacher (Erzsebet) comes to class. She's very pretty and she helps him that he study. Every evening Amat goes to Erzsebet's house. There, she teachs he to be a excelent boy. Few days later, little by little he falls in love with her, but the teacher doesn't love him.
Really, Erzsebet is a former Hungarian countess, a vampire, which was killing girls and drinking her blood to obtain the eternal youth.
Then, Amat falls in love with another girl of his class and they become boyfriends. The teacher gets furious and Amat discover that Erzsebet had a son identical to he. She was thinking that Amat was her son's rencarnation.
One day when Amat and his girlfriend are in a cliff they decide to commit suicide because they want to be united forever. Then Erzsebet appears and she throws for the cliff, because she doesn't want to lose for the second time her son, she prefearred died.

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