Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Favorite Book is "El Jinete de Bronce"

Mi favorite book is El Jinete de Bronce. Written by Paulina Simons. The Bronze Jienete is a love story with many obstacles because of the war between Russia and Germany.
Tatiana has only seventeen years old when the Nazis come into Russia.
Alexander falls in love with a Captain of the Red Army.
Tatiana has a big problem because his older sister Dasha is also madly in love with Alexander.
Alexander will have to choose between her true love Tatiana and Dasha to elect not to make her suffer.
Alexander slowly falling in love with Tatiana goes but it has a mysterious past and dangerous.
But the war will get through, Alexander will have to fight and Tatiana have to flee Russia because this was threatened by the Nazis.
Tatiana will go to America thinking that Alexander died in the war ...
But is she alive or dead?
* This book has two sequels: EL JARDIN DEL VERANO and TATIANA Y ALEXANDER.

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