Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favourite group.

Hi! :D
I´ve got a lot of favourite groups, but one of them is Andy & Lucas.
They are two old friends who started the group in 2003.
Andrés Morales (Andy) was born in Cádiz (4-April-1982) and Lucas González (Lucas) was born in Cádiz too (28-September-1982).
They did their first CD in 2003 called "Andy & Lucas". They had a big hit. Their first single was "Son de amores", one of my favourite songs.
Andy y Lucas have seven CDs:
  • Andy y Lucas.
  • Andy y Lucas: Special Edition.
  • En su salsa.
  • Desde mi barrio.
  • ¿Qué no?¡Anda que no!
  • Ganas de vivir.
  • Con los pies en la Tierra.
They're very famous in Spain and South America.
My favourite songs are "Tanto la quería", "Tú que quieres que yo le haga", "Quiero ser tu sueño", "En tu ventana" and "Son de amores".

Bye bye! (:

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  1. One of my favourite songs ever is "Here comes the sun". Do you know which band it belongs to? It belongs to one of my favourite bands... Greetings and congratulations on your hard work!!