Tuesday, April 20, 2010

War bread

War bread

Had family who lived in a country at war, ruled by the Taliban. Women could not go out without levy a special clothing and a veil and also had to go out with a man. Had a girl who was with his father to the market every day to read and write letters because people could neither read or write. One day the Taliban came to the house of the girl and took her father. The girl could not exit to the street because his father was the only man of the house and then decided to dress like a boy and be seen. So continued to normal life and continue making money selling some things and continuing his father's business. One day his father came home again because he had let her go and has returned to normal life.

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  1. I read "De parte de la princesa muerta" by Kenizé Mourad years ago, and it is also a very interesting book...